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             FHSP for BEST GROUP at OHIO HIP HOP AWARDS 2015!!!



Please take a second to VOTE for the FHSP for BEST GROUP in category #15 for the 10th annual OHIO HIP HOP AWARDS!!! We have been nominated for 8 awards through the last few years and brought home the award in 2013 for BEST GROUP. we need your help to bring it home again!!! With the anticipation of the big debut album titled "The Fine Line" coming soon. We just want to incorporate yall into all this by having a collection of all our fans come together to help bring the award back home!!! feel free to screeshot this flyer and share to everyone you know!!! voting is at Thank you to all our FHSPeeps and MODIFIDIANS!!!!

EVENTS/MODIFIDIANS/WHAT WE DO- This is a collection of photos that tell a story of all that we do and all our affiliates(Modifidians)

My first blog!

My first post!

Aug 13, 2015
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